Thursday, September 22, 2011

Youtube will make your 2D videos, 3D.

Youtube just recently released a new Youtube Feature that will turn your 2D youtube Videos to 3D with just some few clicks.

No need for a 3D camera. all 2D videos can be turned to 3D.

here's how to turn your 2D youtube videos, 3D.

1. Sign-in on your youtube account

2. go to your videos. then click the video you want to turn to 3D

3. click EDIT info

4. Click 3D VIDEO

5. choose Single Image

6. Click Enable 3D conversion

7. wait for the 3D conversion to finish. do something else while waiting because the conversion may take a while.

there are more new feature that comes with 3D conversion. to know more about that features just go to

if you want to know what Youtube just released earlier this week click this

P.S: you and your friends still need a 3D glasses(you can make one actually)

UPDATE: heres the sample of the Youtube Video I converted to 3D.. watch it on then click 3D

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