Saturday, September 24, 2011

Google+ Hangouts now available on the Google+ iOS app

Android phones got the first taste of Google+ hangouts on mobile phones and now iOS users dont need to wait more. Just fire up the App store on your iOS devices and update/download the Google+ iOS app.

Find out who has Unfriended you on Facebook using the new Facebook Timeline

Already have the new Facebook Timeline? if you dont, read this to get it. Guys from found a very good trick to find out who unfriended you on facebook using the new facebook timeline. Yes guys it works.

Here's how to know if someone unfriended you on facebook.

Muppets Creator Jim Henson on Google Doodle

If you will go to you will be surprised to see 5 muppets. These are the muppets of Jim Henson.  its Henson's 75th birthday(actually its on the 24th)  and Google's celebrating it. As you may notice under the muppets, there are buttons that when you click it, the puppet will open his/her mouth. The muppets will also follow your mouse cursor.

Friday, September 23, 2011


if you are a facebook developer you can use it now. just go to the developer page and you will see the open graph settings..

if you are not a developer its so easy to become a developer..

Facebook Timeline Hands-On Review

Wow 6 hours after Mark Zuckerberg announced the new FACEBOOK TIMELINE here my friend Pareng Hilton got a chance to try the new Facebook TIMELINE.

 first thing you will notice is the big picture they called it "TIMELINE COVER"

Say Hello to Facebook TIMELINE aka the story of your life

Say Hello to Facebook Timeline.
your profile page is like your wikipedia page.

you can search what you did in a certain time. example what did i do last year? all your post you made last year will there.. you can even add your baby pictures on the year you were born..

Facebook F8(live)

watch the keynote live..
learn whats new on facebook.

Update: its over..

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Facebook Music Is Coming?

According to some reports on September 22 Facebook will add a new music feature. You can  now share what music are you listening to and it will show in the ticker so your friends can know what are you listening to. Your friends can listen to the song you are currently listening. expect status message like "Im listening to "Super Bass by Nicki Minaj" and i cant help not to sing".. Will find more about Facebook Music(not sure if they will call it like that) on F8 this september 22.

Youtube will make your 2D videos, 3D.

Youtube just recently released a new Youtube Feature that will turn your 2D youtube Videos to 3D with just some few clicks.

No need for a 3D camera. all 2D videos can be turned to 3D.

Remove the Facebook Real Time Ticker

Do you want to remove that Annoying Facebook Real Time Ticker on the right side of Facebook? You also dont like seeing Facebook fixed header?

learn how after the break

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to return to the old Facebook

do you hate the new News Feed and friends ticker? there's a way to go back to the old facebook(as of now its working but soon you will never have a choice than to accept the changes).

learn how after the break

iPhone 5 coming this October 4th with Tim Cook

According to AllThingsD, Apple will have a media event on october 4th. Tim Cook is set to take the stage and present the most awaited iPhone 5. I wonder if we can see some video of Steve Jobs talking about iPhone 5. I will surely miss Steve Jobs.

Google+ ads you will never miss

Where is the best place to promote Google+? the answer is, in the most visited website in the world,

if you will go to you will see an arrow pointing to +You and if you will hover your mouse pointer in the arrow you can read "You're invited to join google+".

More Facebook Changes: Facebook F8

Facebook will have an event this september 22 and they called it F8.
According to some news on the internet Facebook will make some big changes to Facebook Profiles, Fan Page and other facebook features. according to mashable there will be a major redesign on facebook. we heard also there will be also a new feature about Music and News. Soon you will be able to find the Song that you want and share it to your friends according to some reports. soon you can read News(real news) inside facebook too.

Google+ now open to everyone

12 weeks under field trial and now its open to everyone. You dont need an invitation just to signup for google plus just go to and sign up.

Google+ also releases 9 new features. one of the most exciting feature is the HANGOUT ON AIR.
you can now broadcast your hangout sessions. you 9 persons can still join your hangout but everyone can watch your hangouts..

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Google Wallet Now Available

Yesterday we made a post about Google Wallet. if you are excited to try it, now you can. If you have an NFC enabled device like Sprint Google Nexus S you can download the Google Wallet App and start using google wallet.

more and more phones are adding NFC features so expect one day that all the phones will have NFC just like phones having wifi's today. I wonder if Google will make a Google Wallet app for Nokia, Windows Phone 7 and iOS devices.

Angry Birds Theme Park in China

Want to play Angry Birds? Go to China. it looks like the first level/last level is the hardest level. how can that angry birds plush toys destroy those big and thick blocks?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Google Wallet

Gmail for you email, Picasa for your photos, Google Docs for documents, Youtube for your videos, Blogger for your blog, Google+ for social networking and other Google Services. Soon with Google Wallet you can pay using your phone. Soon Google Phones with NFC technology will be able to use Google Wallet. 

Know more about Google Wallet after the break.

Google Chrome 14 Now available

the 2 year old web browser of Google is now on its 14th version, while former crowd favorite firefox is still in version 6 and microsoft's internet explorer is in version 9.

Google Chrome is the best browser out there. Its fast, has extensions to extend its capabilities and the design that changed how web browser should look like.

To know more what news on the 14th version of Google Chrome just go to

You might now even notice that your google chrome is already updated to version 14. to check out if its already updated click the wrench icon on your google chrome then click about Google chrome.

Nokia C2-03 Dual Sim Touch screen Slider Phone Review4

Here's a brief review of Nokia C2-03. its a brief review because we only had limited time with the phone. The phone is owned by my friend.

Here's the feature of Nokia C2-03

1. Dual Sim/Dual Standy-by Phone GSM 900/1800850/1900

2. 56K TFT Resistive Touch Screen 2.6 Inches 240x320 pixels

3.GPRS and Edge Connectivity

4. 2 megapixel camera with no flash. QCIF video recording @ 15fps.

5. 2 GB memory card included in the package

6. Radio, Mp3 Player.

7. Talk Time up to 5 Hrs. Music time 37hrs