Saturday, September 17, 2011

Youtube Creator Playbook: Guide On How To Create Great Videos

Do you want to be a youtube celebrity? Do you dream of going to hollywood. Do you want the fame? well search no more, because here comes YOUTUBE CREATOR PLAYBOOK. YOUTUBE CREATOR PLAYBOOK is a guide on how to create great, awesome, Youtube Videos.

What Are The Features Of IOS 5?: Ask Katechpunan

If you have some Tech Questions, you can ask Katechpunan.

Our first question is from my friend Rodzen. His Question is "What Are The Features Of iOS5?

Answer: First of all I know some of our readers dont know what is iOS. iOS is the operating system used by Apple's iDevices(eg. iPhone, iPad and  iPod). The current version of iOS is 4.3.5 but an iOS 5 beta version is available.

Whats New with iOS5?

according to Apple there will be 200+ new features on the iOS 5. I will never talk about all the 200+ new features but only the features I think rocks.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Google Chrome Must Have Extension

For me google chrome is the best web browser. It opens fast and if one tab crashed, the other tabs are unaffected. I love the simple design of Google Chrome so much. Even though Google Chrome is simple you can customize it according to your needs and likes. you can download themes. You can download extension to add more features to your Google Chrome. Here are my top 5 Google Chrome Extension that i think you should have.

Facebook Revamps Friends List

It looks like Social Networking Giant Facebook has finally realized that Google+ Circles are Cool. No, there's no Facebook Circles. Facebook revamps its friend list so you can choose what facebook updates you want to see. Example you created a Friend List of your Classmates. If you choose that list you can see all the updates of your classmates. you can also choose if you just want the status updates of your friends or if you also want to see their games updates too.

check more about new facebook friends list after the break

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Youtube Makes Video Editing Awesome

Are you just like my sister who loves editing her pictures. She loves adding some color effects to her pictures. Are you also like my friend who loves instagram? I know that you like also the Photo editing features of Google+. Yes all I've mentioned are Photo Editing. I know you're wondering how about Video Editing? Well you dont have to wait because Youtube just released a new feature, A video editing feature with effects. Learn about more Youtube's new feature after the break

Learn A New Language With SharedTalk

Want to learn how to say Ni Hao? want to learn what is  Konnichiwa? Want to Learn  what is Anneyong Haseyo? Ok, you want to learn  Mandarin, Korean or Japanese? Here's a FREE website that can help you learn fast. The website is SHAREDTALK.COM. With SHAREDTALK you can find people just like you who wants to learn a new language just like you.. Learn more about sharedtalk after the break

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sony PSVita will debut on December in Japan

Sony PSVita will debut on December in Japan

If you are a great fan of PSP, I know that you already know what is PSV or Playstation Vita.
If you cant wait to have it, just go to japan this December 17.

The price of PSV depends on the type of device

for the PSV wifi only you can get it for as low as 24,980 Yen and for the PSV Wifi + 3G  29,980 Yen.

I really want a PSV but I need a Nintendo 3DS so I can play Pokemon.. Hope they will make Tomb Raider Origins available on the PSV..

Windows 8 Developer Preview Now Available

Are you getting tired of Windows 7? want to the try the next best thing the guys from microsoft are cooking? Now you can download the Developer Preview of Windows 8.

Its a developer preview guys so expect more things to come from microsoft. Microsoft did not announce when they will release the Betas because they said "we want to focus on the quality". 

you can download Windows 8 Dev Preview here...

about the Requirements.
if your computer can run Windows 7 just fine, you can run windows 8.
To take advantage of the Touch Features, of course you need a touchscreen...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sun Power Text Unlimited 200

When it comes to Unlimited Service nothing can beat Sun Cellular. Sun Cellular just recently introduce their new Unlimited Offering the "Sun Power Text Unlimited 200". For just 200 Pesos a month you can get the following.

1. 1 month Unlimited Sun to Sun Texts
2. 4 Hours Free Sun To Sun Calls
and here's the best part
5. 500 free text to all networks.