Thursday, September 15, 2011

Youtube Makes Video Editing Awesome

Are you just like my sister who loves editing her pictures. She loves adding some color effects to her pictures. Are you also like my friend who loves instagram? I know that you like also the Photo editing features of Google+. Yes all I've mentioned are Photo Editing. I know you're wondering how about Video Editing? Well you dont have to wait because Youtube just released a new feature, A video editing feature with effects. Learn about more Youtube's new feature after the break

here the QUICK FIX you can do on your videos..

1. Trim your videos
2. Rotate your videos
3. Stabilize(great for shaky videos)
4. change brightness
5. change contrast
6. change saturation
7. change temperature
8. and also the IM FEELING LUCKY for 1 click fix for lighting and color

and for the effects we got

1. Black and white
2. Sepia
3. Cross Process(i love this effect)
4. Lomo-ish
5. Old-Fashioned
6. Cartoon
8. Thermal
9. Combustion
11. Heat map
12. Pixelate
13. Neon Green
14. Neon Pink

wow thats 14 video effects.

Its like Instagram for videos. I wonder whats next? hmm a Adobe after effects-like features? Great job youtube..

check out the youtube video about youtube's new feature..

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