Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Another new feature of google search, google instant preview. With google instant preview you can see the visual preview of the sites on the search result list. If you want to to see the thumbnail you just need to click the magnifying glass at the end of title of one of the search results.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

iPhone 3G on iOS 4.2(VIDEO)

Looks like there's still hope for those iPhone users who are still using the iPhone 3G who got pissed off when they updated their device to iOS 4.0

apple released iOS 4.1 and we saw some speed improvements on the iPhone 3G.

Now if the the speed of the iOS 4.1 is not still not enough for you, good news looks like the iOS 4.2 is a way lot faster than 4.1 and of course 4.0

Check out the video created by tipb where they tested how fast is an iPhone 3G on iOS 4.2 gm after the break.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Ads.. WTF?

just watched THE WINDOWS 7 ads and at the end of the video i told myself WTF?

in the video we can see people using their mobile phones while doing something else. people that are so focused on their phones.

Me, myself i can see myself just like one of them. I sometimes use my phones when i was doing something else like while im in the toilet or most of the time while im eating but i never had a chance using my phone while using the urinal lol.  the video said "it will bring us back to life". how can they do that? i dont know. if that phone has twitter, facebook, text and call functions we will still be just like those people in the video.

ok just check out the video of windows phone 7 after the break...

Nokia 1280: The cheapest nokia phone(video)

the cheapest nokia phone, the nokia 1280. this phone has been out for months but still its the cheapest nokia phone. I am using this phone as a backup phone because i cant use this phone anywhere without thinking that someone might steal it from me.

check out the video after the jump

iOS 4.2 this November 9 or 12 2010

According to some rumors the most awaited iOS 4.2 update will hit on nov 9 or 12. But according to 9 to 5 mac there's a big chance that it would be on November 9 so apple can make it rain on Droid pro's parade(the launch date of droid pro).
If that thing will happened


Remember the katipunero's who fought for the freedom of the Philippines? Well im one of them and I know you won't believe me. Ok, I am going to tell what happened to me and how did i get here in the year 2010.

September 20, 1888

It was only 4pm but the sky was already dark. we are going to attack one of the bases of the Spaniards in bulacan. from afar we saw 2 Spaniards and we thought going at the back of the base is not a good idea. so we changed our plans. we took the gates on the west side of the base. I have managed to go inside the gates because I pretended as one of the Spaniards. Our leader told me that i should open the back and side gates of the base so they can enter and do a surprise attack.