Monday, November 8, 2010


Remember the katipunero's who fought for the freedom of the Philippines? Well im one of them and I know you won't believe me. Ok, I am going to tell what happened to me and how did i get here in the year 2010.

September 20, 1888

It was only 4pm but the sky was already dark. we are going to attack one of the bases of the Spaniards in bulacan. from afar we saw 2 Spaniards and we thought going at the back of the base is not a good idea. so we changed our plans. we took the gates on the west side of the base. I have managed to go inside the gates because I pretended as one of the Spaniards. Our leader told me that i should open the back and side gates of the base so they can enter and do a surprise attack.

opening the south and east gate was so very easy. there were 2 guards on each gates. I have managed to kill them by telling them that i got the latest gun from Spain. I told them ok who wants to look first? after i got him inside the room I pulled out my gun and killed him while he was looking at the latest gun. i repeated that same scheme twice on each guards on both gates.

When im just about to open the ammunition room, I saw neon lights from under the door of the room beside the ammunition room. i got curious so i checked it out. the door was unlocked. inside the room there's a box. Its a black box and its glowing with neon lights. I opened the box. i saw something that i never saw before. the object' shape is rectangular, and it has a transparent glass. the back is white and the front is black. i dont know what was that object. the sides of the object has silver in it. I thought that this thing must be expensive and maybe its from Spain. I put the mysterious object in  my pocket and then head to the ammunition room. when i was trying to open the room the alarm went off. I tried to escape by using the side gates but the gate was full of guards. i tried the back gate but that gate was full of spaniards too. I had no where to hide, no way out. in just a few minutes they will know where I was hiding me. I thought this is going to be my end. then something vibrated on my pocket. i pulled out the the vibrating object and i found out that its the mysterious object i got. the white side of the object was glowing then after a few seconds i saw an object. the object was a fruit. then the black side with a glass started glowing. i saw a message. "Slide To Escape". So i slided it. then a bright neon lights blinded me. I cant see anything.

i woke up. I thought it was real but it was only a dream. something felt so weird. i know its not just a dream and that guy from my dream was me. maybe I was him in the past and I was a Katipunero.

I am a gadget addict and i love technology. I know i was a katipunero before so  I have decided to create a blog and i called it kaTECHpunan. i was a katipunero before and I used guns and knives but this time ill use Gadgets and Technology.

follow me on how technology and gadgets makes my life more easier than my old katipunan days..
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