Monday, November 8, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Ads.. WTF?

just watched THE WINDOWS 7 ads and at the end of the video i told myself WTF?

in the video we can see people using their mobile phones while doing something else. people that are so focused on their phones.

Me, myself i can see myself just like one of them. I sometimes use my phones when i was doing something else like while im in the toilet or most of the time while im eating but i never had a chance using my phone while using the urinal lol.  the video said "it will bring us back to life". how can they do that? i dont know. if that phone has twitter, facebook, text and call functions we will still be just like those people in the video.

ok just check out the video of windows phone 7 after the break...

windows phone 7 via wikipedia
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