Tuesday, November 9, 2010

iPhone 3G on iOS 4.2(VIDEO)

Looks like there's still hope for those iPhone users who are still using the iPhone 3G who got pissed off when they updated their device to iOS 4.0

apple released iOS 4.1 and we saw some speed improvements on the iPhone 3G.

Now if the the speed of the iOS 4.1 is not still not enough for you, good news looks like the iOS 4.2 is a way lot faster than 4.1 and of course 4.0

Check out the video created by tipb where they tested how fast is an iPhone 3G on iOS 4.2 gm after the break.
iOS 4.2 is expected to hit this November 9 or 12. We still have have wait to know if it's gonna hit today. 

source: tipb
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