Friday, September 16, 2011

Google Chrome Must Have Extension

For me google chrome is the best web browser. It opens fast and if one tab crashed, the other tabs are unaffected. I love the simple design of Google Chrome so much. Even though Google Chrome is simple you can customize it according to your needs and likes. you can download themes. You can download extension to add more features to your Google Chrome. Here are my top 5 Google Chrome Extension that i think you should have.

1. FB Chat Sidebar Disabler- I know that you love the old Facebook Chat where you can see all your online friends. well this Extension will fix that.

2. FB Photo Zoom - this is really a must have extension if you're a facebook addict just like me. If you want to check out your friends new profile pic, you just hover your mouse pointer on the thumbnail and boom the photo will pop-up.

3. Speed Dial - Great way to manage those bookmarks. Now you dont need to type the address of the websites you visit the most. Great for people who visit lots of website everyday.

4. Stop Autoplay for Youtube - Stop those website from automatically playing those youtube videos, but it doesnt stop the video from buffering.

5. Flashblock - Block those flash that makes your system slow and just view the one you like(e.g Youtube Player).

what are you waiting for go to

Thats my Top 5 Chrome Extension. Whats your Top 5 google chrome extension? tell us on the comments below..

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