Friday, September 16, 2011

Facebook Revamps Friends List

It looks like Social Networking Giant Facebook has finally realized that Google+ Circles are Cool. No, there's no Facebook Circles. Facebook revamps its friend list so you can choose what facebook updates you want to see. Example you created a Friend List of your Classmates. If you choose that list you can see all the updates of your classmates. you can also choose if you just want the status updates of your friends or if you also want to see their games updates too.

check more about new facebook friends list after the break

as you can see at the picture above, im on my BSIT 2012 friend list. all of the updates here are all about my BSIT 2012 friends. If I make an update here just all my friends(BSIT 2012) will be able to see that update ala Google Circles.

Way before Google+, you can also do this on facebook but its very time consuming. you need to edit your status privacy settings. you need to click custom then choose make this visible to then choose the friends list that you want. Now with facebooks revamped friends list you can do that with just a few clicks...

as you can see, on your news feed you can choose the friend list you want to use.

you can also choose what kind of facebook updates you would like to see.

if you dont have any facebook friends list yet, facebook automatically created 3 friends list.

thats the Best Friend List(add your friends here you want to see the updates most). The acquaintance List(for that they are not my best friend not also my enemy friends) and the last is the Restricted( I know you will put your Parents here and also your teachers)

if you put them on the restricted list they can only see your public status updates.

there's also the SMART LIST. it updates based on your friend profiles. example you might have a Smart list about your work. all people who are working on that company and also your friends will automatically be on that smart list.

there are 4 smart list(im not sure if its only 4). a Smart List about your work, family, location, and classmates.

I love Facebook did on their friend list. do you like the new facebook friend list? tell us on the comments below...

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