Thursday, September 15, 2011

Learn A New Language With SharedTalk

Want to learn how to say Ni Hao? want to learn what is  Konnichiwa? Want to Learn  what is Anneyong Haseyo? Ok, you want to learn  Mandarin, Korean or Japanese? Here's a FREE website that can help you learn fast. The website is SHAREDTALK.COM. With SHAREDTALK you can find people just like you who wants to learn a new language just like you.. Learn more about sharedtalk after the break

Sharedtalk is a website where you can find people just like you who wants to learn a new language. example you want to learn chinese. there are chinese on sharedtalk that wants to learn english. You can talk to them and have a language exchange. You teach them english, they teach you chinese.

You can find Chinese(the largest members of sharedtalk, I think), Japanese, koreans and other nationalities. Me myself I found sharedtalk a very good website in learning the language i want. the best thing about sharedtalk is that im learning a new language and also i found some new friends.

all you need to is to sign-up for free, create a profile, select your native language then the language you want to learn.

You can do a Text Chat with other member or much better do a 1 on 1 voice chat.

The only minor problem with sharedtalk is sometimes there's a delay on voice chat. If there's a delay my language exchange partner and I switch to SKYPE.

What are you waiting for try now SHAREDTALK. just go to
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