Friday, September 23, 2011

Say Hello to Facebook TIMELINE aka the story of your life

Say Hello to Facebook Timeline.
your profile page is like your wikipedia page.

you can search what you did in a certain time. example what did i do last year? all your post you made last year will there.. you can even add your baby pictures on the year you were born..

you can also add apps on your profile.. for example the spotify app so your friends can see what you are listening.  there are lots of apps you can add on your timeline.

Your friend can also know what are you listening in spotify on the ticker and they have the ability to listen to that song..

if you got a cooking app you can share what you are cooking..

Facebook focus is no longer in getting more people in facebook. The focus is More sharing.

also the timeline will be available also on mobile devices...

here you need to login to Spotify to add spotify to your timeline.. hmmm Spotify dont work here in the philippines right?

here you can control the privacy.

here's the spotify app on the timeline

Facebook TIMELINE is still in beta but you can sign-up so you can have chance to try it first just go here. . you can find information on that site and dont forget to click the sign me up button...

Check out our Hands-on Review of Facebook TIMELINE. click here

Image via: F8 facebook fan page
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