Monday, September 19, 2011

Google Wallet

Gmail for you email, Picasa for your photos, Google Docs for documents, Youtube for your videos, Blogger for your blog, Google+ for social networking and other Google Services. Soon with Google Wallet you can pay using your phone. Soon Google Phones with NFC technology will be able to use Google Wallet. 

Know more about Google Wallet after the break.

Google phones with NFC technology will be able to use Google wallet. You can put your credit card details in your google wallet then use google wallet instead of your credit card. if you dont have a credit card you can buy Google wallet prepaid cards and load it to your Google wallet. 

with google wallet no need to sign or swipe any cards. just tap your phone and key in your pin and you're paid.

with Google wallet too you can have mobile coupons too that you can use on your shopping.

to know more about google wallet you can watch this youtube video  created by

or watch this advert created by google 

for all the details about Google wallet go to

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