Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Facebook Changes: Facebook F8

Facebook will have an event this september 22 and they called it F8.
According to some news on the internet Facebook will make some big changes to Facebook Profiles, Fan Page and other facebook features. according to mashable there will be a major redesign on facebook. we heard also there will be also a new feature about Music and News. Soon you will be able to find the Song that you want and share it to your friends according to some reports. soon you can read News(real news) inside facebook too.

Facebook has been releasing a lot of changes recently(maybe because of Google+ open now to everyone)
the changes to facebook makes my friend say "Omg facebook is so complicated to use now."
some of my friends are even thinking of switching to Google+.

lets see what will be unveiled this september22. will this make facebook more stronger or it will just make facebook more complicated to use.

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