Friday, September 23, 2011

Facebook Timeline Hands-On Review

Wow 6 hours after Mark Zuckerberg announced the new FACEBOOK TIMELINE here my friend Pareng Hilton got a chance to try the new Facebook TIMELINE.

 first thing you will notice is the big picture they called it "TIMELINE COVER"

as you can see on the picture above, you have the ability to hide something you dont want on your timeline

you can also hide your recent activity

still we dont have the ability to just drag-and-drop the photos to upload it ala Google+.

see those tiny icons? thats for adding LIFE EVENTS.. example you got a new job.. or you got what you want. let me show what it can do.

as you can see on the photo, you can add a life event. facebook already made some examples

so after clicking other life events, here what we got. Im wondering why it automatically set to sept 1 2011? well anyway you can change it. all beware LIFE EVENTS is automatically set PUBLIC. anyway you can change it.

I selected a photo for my LIFE EVENT and I have noticed a new album, its the Cover Album(timeline covers).

after selecting save,here's what we got. a very big photo(wow its like a big billboard in edsa).
after doing that we encountered a bug which removes the scroll bar so we needed to refresh the page..

you can also show on your TIMELINE the PAGES you liked in the recent days and FRIENDS you've added. You can hide it too.

Here's how the photo's will be shown on your timeline. its so big..

You can also add a life event on the day you were born so your friends can see what you looked like when you were a baby.
You can also make your post become as big as the LIFE EVENTS posts by clicking FEATURE ON TIMELINE..

Here's the about page.

The friends  list..

The Photos Page..

here's whats weird if you view the photos inside the album it still has the same design.

here's the activity log. you can see all your activity you did and you can also change the privacy settings of that certain activity. you can hide and unhide things on your timeline here.
The Map page. here's where you can see your facebook Check-ins

The like page has its own page now.

Ok guys thats all we got for now. by the way even though we are now using the new timeline now, if my friend will go to my profile they will still see the old facebook profile(Facebook timeline is still in beta.)

Want to try it now for yourself? I'll teach you how on my next post! click here
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