Monday, June 15, 2015

Google Photos Is A Must Have For Your Phone

Last month in Google I/O, google announced the new Google Photos. Google photos is a web service and a mobile app(android and ios) where you can upload(automatically from your phone) unlimited photos and videos.
You can access your private photo collection anywhere and in any device as long you have access to the internet.

You can upload unlimited photos as long its size is no larger than 16 megapixel and for the video, 1080p. If you want to upload larger photos or 4K videos, you can but you only have 15gb of free space for that. If you need more space you can buy more storage from google.

If you set the settings to High Quality Uploads, Google photos will automatically resize photos down to 16MP or to 1080p for videos if you try to upload photos larger than 16MP and 1080p.

We all know google is well known for search, thats why google gave google photos a nice and amazing search feature. unlike the other photos app where you need to manually tag photos(places, Names etc), google photos will do this automatically for you. for example you can try to search for “Foods, Baby, Smile, Pool, Beach and etc”. You will be amazed by the result.

Google photos can also create panorama and animated gifts automatically for you. If you’re phone is running out of space, google photos can automatically delete the photos you already uploaded on google photos. You can also edit your photos online via snapseed or if you have the app.

I know some of you will ask about the privacy. Dont worry guys, Google Photos is private, only you can access it not unless you share it.

I will always use google photos because i dont need to worry about storage space and the fact that i can access it anywhere. One of  my office mate told me that he don't like it because its like the apple icloud where celeb nude pics leaked. For me all i can say is “there's nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide”.

You can download the new free google photos app on the play store and apps store or you can go to to know more about google photos.

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