Saturday, September 3, 2011

BDO's Internet Banking Quick Enrollment

Now applying for Banco De Oro's Internet Banking has just gotten easier. If you have a BDO ATM you can check your balance thru the internet. No need to find an ATM just to check your balance. Here's some of the reason why you should use BDO's internet Banking.

1. You can check your balance anytime
2. You can Pay your bills online
3. Transfer funds
4. Wire transfer
5. Buy cellphone load
6. its Free

Check how easy now to apply for BDO's Internet Banking after the jump.

to apply
1. Go to
2. click Enroll Now
3. Accept The Terms and Condition

and now here's the part that makes it easier

if you have an ACTIVE ATM click YES I HAVE an active BDO ATM Card
if you dont have sorry guys but you need to go the hard way.

if you choose the YES I HAVE AN ACTIVE ATM way all you have to do is to answer this few questions and after this you will be have an ATM ACTIVATION Code. 

You will use the ATM ACTIVATION code to activate your Internet Banking Features. you need to go to a BDO ATM to activate your account. 

to activate just choose OTHERS> then INTERNET BANKING. after 24 hours you will received an email telling you that you can now access MYBDO.

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